Tyler La Fronz's Portfolio

This site hosts a collection of my latest projects and descriptions of them. Please feel free to check them out and reach out to me if you have any questions.

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About Me

Over the past 4 years at Wentworth, I have discovered my passion for helping others achieve their goals. Through this discovery, I have felt in love with open sourced technologies that help others connect from a far. I have also learned that a lack of knowledge helps to create future problems, but if I help the world becomes more open and connected it could solve future problems. In addition to finding my own with my passion, I have grown into leadership roles on campus, such as being President of our Student Government and helping the Institute to fine tune its problems around preferred name, and pronouns.

What I’ve worked on

Over the past few months and years, I have taken an interest in open sourced projects, such as AMP, and D3.js. I have been using these open source projects, in my classwork and my side projects. I have also been researching and reading about communication protocols, and how to help others connect with each other. Along with trying to fill my passion for business knowledge.

What I’m looking to do next

I am excited to be starting this next chapter in my life, I hope over the next few years I am able to help other people connect with each other, as well as help further the understanding of other cultures, customs, and people, through technology and the growing global marketplace.