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AMP Minimal

Skills used and tools used: #HTML, #CSS, #SASS, #Jekyll, and #AMP-Project
Written by Tyler La Fronz on June 6, 2017

The Basics

The idea of creating an AMP based theme for Jekyll came to me when I was searching the web for a theme that was clean, simple, modern, and easy to maintain. When I found the GitHub Pages’ theme Minimal, originally by @orderedlist, I fell in love, however I wanted the site to be quicker in loading. Therefore I created the AMP version of the theme, which my portfolio uses.

Publishing the Theme

In order to help other create a more open and connected world, I published my version of the theme as an open repository on Github.

View the repository at https://github.com/lafronzt/AMP-Minimal

View the live demo at https://lafronz.com/AMP-Minimal/

Pictures from the Project